International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day!

You may face many challenges in your life that threaten your peace and happiness. Sharing these difficulties with a friend is a helpful strategy for overcoming them. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is an essential bond that people maintain throughout their lives in all cultures. True friends never drift apart. Perhaps in distance, but never in the heart.

Happy International Friendship Day!

To know more about friendship and ways to build a strong friendship with your friends read on.

Here’s how to get started

What exactly is a friend? According to an article, many of us maintain these genuine friendships without giving them much thought. A friend can be someone you’ve known for a long time or someone who is relatively new to you. 

They might be a new friend you met at school or work, someone you connect with over a shared interest in sports or television, or someone else. It’s important to think about the qualities that make up friendships, how they affect our lives, and what true friendships entail because friends can come from all parts of our lives.

If you’re looking to make new friends, here are seven ways to start making them:

  1. Be open to meeting new people.
  2. Make yourself available.
  3. Ask questions.
  4. Share interests.
  5. Show interest in other people.
  6. Give compliments.
  7. Don’t take things personally.

When we first meet people, we tend to judge them based on their appearance. We look at what they wear, where they live, and whether they seem friendly or not. As we get to know each other better, we learn to see beyond appearances and recognize the true person beneath the surface.

If you want to be friends with someone, here are some things you should know. First, you should always be kind and respectful. Second, you should try to understand what makes them tick. Third, you should listen carefully to what they say. And finally, you should never take anything personally.

Be Honest About Yourself

People who are honest with themselves tend to attract others who are honest as well. So when you tell people what’s going on in your life, you’re also telling them what’s going on inside your head. And being honest about yourself will help you build stronger relationships with those around you.

When we are honest with ourselves, we become better friends. We learn what makes other people tick and how to better understand them. We know who our true friends are and who isn’t really there for us.

Don’t Take Things Personally

If you’re having trouble building a friendship with someone, try not to take things personally. It’s easy to assume that other people are judging you based on something you did or said, but they aren’t. They’re just trying to figure out how to relate to you.

When we take things personally, we often get upset and angry. We think our friends are being mean or rude when really, they are just trying to be friendly. If you want to keep your friendships strong, try not to take things too seriously. You’ll find that people who are close to you will understand if you’re having a bad day.

Share Your Feelings

You might think that sharing your feelings will make others uncomfortable, but it actually makes them feel more comfortable. People who share their emotions tend to build stronger relationships because they’re being honest and open.

When we share our feelings with friends, we feel better because we know that we aren’t alone. We’re able to talk about what’s bothering us without feeling judged or criticized. And if we’re lucky, we’ll find people who understand us and support us.

Listen More Than You Talk

If you want to develop a good friendship with someone, listen to what they say. It’s easy to talk about yourself, but people love hearing about other people. Ask questions and show interest in what they’re saying.

When we talk too much, we miss out on what really matters. We might be able to get away with talking nonstop at work, but if we want to maintain friendships outside of our professional lives, we should learn to listen more than we speak.

We often assume that listening means agreeing with what other people say, but it doesn’t always mean that. Listening can be as simple as nodding your head while someone speaks. Or it can be something more complex, such as asking questions or offering suggestions.

Friendship is an important part of life. It helps us connect with others and build relationships that last a lifetime. To read more about friendship, click here.

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